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SB22-10G chip no 900032002294269


Auction Opens: 28 May '15 13:00
This lot closed: 28 May '15 21:14
Lot Closed: SOLD Reserve Met!
Winning Bid: R20,000.00

Bidder: Jakkie Viljoen
Bidder Location: Hoopstad

Animal Information

Name/Ref: SB22-10G - BROKEN HORN
Microchip no: 900032002294269
Species: Sable antelope
Maternal Line (mitochondrial DNA): Not tested
Sire’s Mitochondrial DNA: Matetsi
Date of Birth: 5 February 2010
Sire: Blackwood Matetsi Click to view
Last horn measure date: 10-04-2015
Horn Base: 8.75 inch
Horn length left: 38.75 inch
Horn length right: 29.75 inch (broken horn)
Tip length left: 10.75
Tip length right: Tip broken off
Rings left: 34

Seller's Comment:
Delivery will only be included for Lot 20 if it is sold for R30 000 or more, or the buyer of Lot 20 bought any other lot as well. If not, Lot 20 will be loaded by the seller onto the buyer\'s vehicle at the seller\'s farm.

More Information:
Delivery for this lot is only included if it sells for R30 000 or more, or if the buyer bought more than one lot.

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SB22-10G closest to camera, with broken horn
SB22-10G closest to camera, with broken horn
SB22-10G chip no 900032002294269
SB22-10G chip no 900032002294269

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