Dreyer van Zyl Game
Our main breeding bull, Gaffel


The Dreyer van Zyl herds of Sable and Roan antelope are unique because the sable has been a closed herd on the female side since 1992 and the Roan herd since 2003.  From the start Dreyer applied careful selection and for the first 18 years he did not allow any female to become older than 7 years before she was sold.  This effected very rapid genetic improvement.
We are excited to introduce "Spitfire", our first Thaba Tholo bull, which at 46.8" at 4 years 2 months holds serious promise to cross the 50"mark, just like his father.
He will soon join his herd of carefully selected Gaffel (48.75") and Surprise (48.5") daughters out of our 30-36" cows.


Follow this link to meet Drs Greg and Anndri Garrett and enjoy footage of some of our beautiful animals:


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